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Discussion about RePEc[edit]

2017 RePEc workshop[edit]

A group of RePEc volunteers met at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on October 12-13, 2017 for the RePEc Workshop 2017. Some joined by Skype.

Meeting notes

Action Items[edit]

The following action items resulted form this meeting:

Person Task Progress
Christian Zimmermann rework instructions for new archives to include screenshots
Christian Zimmermann write separate instructions for people taking over an existing archive DONE https://ideas.repec.org/newmaintainer.html
Thomas Krichel offer a way to offer help in creating archives for a fee
Sune Karlsson and Kit Baum contact Wiley regarding link checking
Sune Karlsson and Christian Zimmermann find a way to script contacting authors affiliated with abandoned archives
Thomas Krichel find a backup person for DNS server
Marco Novarese find where NEP coverage is lacking, which reports are too broad, and recruit new editors
Thomas Krichel revive committee on deceptive publishing
Jose Barrueco see with LSE archive regarding DSpace plug-in for ReDIF
Christian Zimmermann see with Volker Schallehn regarding EPrints plug-in for ReDIF
Christian Zimmermann see with OJS-based RePEc archives regarding OJS plug-in for ReDIF
Mahdi Moqri open Github account for RePEc DONE - https://github.com/repec-org
Thomas Krichel put RePEc-perl and other RePEc,rpc,scripts on Github account In Progress - https://github.com/repec-org/Scripts
Sune Karlsson look into incorporating warnings for poor encoding into checker DONE
Thomas Krichel make new version of ReDIF and Guildford protocol live In Progress - https://github.com/repec-org/Specifications
Jose Barrueco identify where the coverage gap is for journal references
Marco Novarese explore grouping NEP reports, each group managed by a board that determines whether new reports need to be opened and that runs a blog featuring cool new papers
Thomas Krichel see with Sune Karlsson about backing up his stuff
Mahdi Moqri create RePEc wiki DONE - http//wiki.repec.org
Everyone Document this wiki! Started - http://wiki.repec.org/
Mahdi Moqri create social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn DONE - Twitter: https://twitter.com/repec_org, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/repec.repec.56 (could this be a page rather than a "person"?), Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27093874/
Christian Zimmermann create Twitter cards on IDEAS and possibly NEP with Christian Mongeau DONE: IDEAS Twitter cards are being populated on all author and abstract pages, NEP feeds are now displaying abstracts
Christian Zimmermann investigate 400-word threshold for Google indexing
Christian Zimmermann create list of best women by country
Marco Novarese look into regional and language reports
Kit Baum write RePEc in a paragraph for RePEc homepage. Others then translate that
Soledad Zignago look for NEP editors for institutional and country reports