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What this is about[edit]

RePEc is driven by volunteers and this page documents who the volunteers are that are responsible for various aspects of RePEc. People interested in helping out are welcome to look for opportunities and contact the person in charge.


Task Description Person(s) in charge People in backup or support role
IDEAS Maintain scripts and web pages Christian Zimmermann
EDIRC Maintain scripts, web pages and database Christian Zimmermann Anybody can help with additions and amendments, use email links on site.
RePEc Author Service Maintain service, web pages Christian Zimmermann
RePEc Author Service Audit logs for fraudulous activity Christian Zimmermann Open
RePEc Author Service Maintain profiles of deceased authors Christian Zimmermann Open
RePEc Author Service Correct bad emails from bounces Christian Zimmermann Corrections from this list are welcome Answer general email to RePEc, guiding new archive maintainers Kit Baum Thomas Krichel Answer email to RePEc Author Service Christian Zimmermann Thomas Krichel
RePEc Genealogy Maintain scripts, monitor Christian Zimmermann Anybody with a RePEc Author Service account can add or amend records in this form
RePEc Biblio Maintain scripts, recruit editors Christian Zimmermann New editors can volunteer with Christian Zimmermann or existing editors
RePEc:all archive Maintain scripts, deal with special cases Christian Zimmermann
RePEc:all archive Add new archive records, maintain existing ones Kit Baum, Sune Karlsson, Thomas Krichel, Jan Weiland, Christian Zimmermann
Monthly mailing Preparing email data, mailing out to archive maintainers, editors and authors, dealing with bounces, captchas, bounces and enquiries Christian Zimmermann
@repec_org on Twitter Tweeting, answering to tweets Soledad Zignago Christian Mongeau, Mahdi Moqri, Christian Zimmermann
RePEc API Maintain scripts, distribute user codes Christian Zimmermann
RePEc Blog Edit posts Christian Zimmermann Contributions by all are welcome
RePEc Input Service Manage requests from series maintainers Christian Zimmermann
RePEc home page Editing Kit Baum
EconPapers Running site Sune Karlsson
LogEc Running site and associated scripts Sune Karlsson
LogEc Checking manually suspicious cases Sune Karlsson, Christian Zimmermann domain registration Maintaining and renewing entry Kit Baum open DNS Running server Thomas Krichel Jose Barrueco
CitEc Running site and scripts Jose Barrueco Thomas Krichel
CitEc Checking user contributions Jose Barrueco
NEP Managing editors Marco Novarese open
NEP Policing editors Stan Miles open
NEP Technical maintenance Thomas Krichel open
RePEc mailing lists Technical maintenance Thomas Krichel open
RePEc wiki Maintaining and monitoring site Mahdi Moqri Thomas Krichel
GitHub account Maintaining and monitoring account Mahdi Moqri open
Facebook account Maintaining and monitoring account Mahdi Moqri open
LinkedIn account Maintaining and monitoring account Mahdi Moqri open
NEP WordPress Blogs Technical maintenance Christian Zimmermann NEP editors are welcome to ask for a blog
ReDIF-perl Maintain script Sune Karlsson, Thomas Krichel
remi scripts Maintain mirroring scripts Sune Karlsson open
OAI-PMH Gateway Maintainer server and service Thomas Krichel
Plagiarism Committee Maintaining site, preparing cases, running mailing list Christian Zimmermann